Writing the Article is Only the Beginning

8 09 2010

Authoring eloquent copy can be an arduous task for someone who is not a professional writer. Just selecting the topic, formulating your approach and creating the enticing verbiage that will attract readers is beyond the ability of many people, even those with above average intelligence. Writers are a special breed; authoring text is their passion. Expert SEO copywriters can easily take targeted keywords and formulate an informative and interesting article around them that will engage the reader.

Having a superlative article written is only half the battle if you are looking to increase your website’s visibility. It’s what you do with that article that can make the difference in the amount of traffic flowing through your web pages. If you engage a professional writing service to create the copy for you, and then just let it sit on your hard drive, you are forfeiting the online advantages that article can generate. Submitting that same article to an online article directory, as a blog post or in a syndicated RSS feed can help promote your presence on the worldwide web.

Most small business enterprises do not employ professional writers on staff and often do not have an internet marketing team. This does not mean that they are unable to apply the advantages of article marketing to increase their website’s visibility and expand customer prospects via their online pages. Online article marketing is typically much less expensive than print advertising, so for a small business, the ROI can be exemplary. Here are some simple guidelines to ensure you gain a maximum return on every online article project:

  1. Ensure the article submission service you engage will supply you with a detailed list of every submission made.
  2. Most article submission services hire freelance authors for their article writing projects. Verify with the submission service selected that they only engage expert US/UK copywriters. This is the best way to ensure your articles will be 100% original copy that contains grammatically correct English.
  3. Actually take the time to go to the URL’s where your articles are posted. Click through some of the links to ensure they bring the reader to your website.
  4. Find out if the submission service performs manual article submission. Manual submission services are superlative for helping to build your website’s popularity in an organic manner.

The most important factor is to ensure that the manual article submission service you select maintains open, honest communications with their clients. Request a list of references and then verify them.

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