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3 07 2010
Professional SEO Content Writers

SEO Content Writing

The major difference between professional freelance writers and those who just post anything on the web is in the level of eloquence, the optimization achieved and the correct grammar used.  It is deplorable to find so many websites on the internet today with grammatical errors, terrible flow and filled with “fluff” or meaningless garbage. If you are relying on your website to gain additional clients or to increase your annual revenues, then having content that is substandard will not help you achieve these goals.

Your website content should meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Be enticing to read and promote continued viewing
  • Contain valuable information that is factual, timely and well researched
  • Be grammatically correct
  • Be 100% original copy, free from plagiarism
  • Be optimized using accepted SEO practices

If your current website content falls short when reviewing the above list, then it is probably a great time for you to consider engaging a professional writing service. For enticing web page content that is optimized for search engine ranking, turn to the experts. Precise Authoring Services employs professional US/UK writers who command the English language and specialize in  SEO web content, articles, e-books and more. Our seasoned writers can create web page content that does more than engage and entice visitors to your site. They are able to employ ethical SEO techniques to optimize your content and help improve your ranking in search engine results. PAS writers make every word posted on your website count in the competition to gain traffic, expand your client base and help generate revenue for your business.

Reforming the U.S. Educational System for Social and Economic Growth

3 07 2010

The reforms in the U.S educational system have been instrumental in its evolution into a system relevant to the country’s needs.  An example is the shift from a Bible based curriculum to a broader one embracing the diversity of the American people.

Examples of reforms implemented to limit mediocrity and promote excellence abound in the US educational system.  The common thread weaving them together is the need to address certain shortcomings in society.  Poverty and inequalities based on gender and class or race were the main ills afflicting American society and student populations.

Educational reforms aim to create a level playing ground for all by providing quality education to all regardless of socio-economic standing, gender or class.  The civil rights movement saw major reforms taking place in the U.S education system. Legislation was put in place to address segregation and to pave the way for equal educational opportunities for all.  When fully implemented this ensured that all had a chance at rewarding careers that would in turn grow the economy.

The emphasis on good governance is another factor pushing educational reform in the U.S.  Good governance depends on the ability of the people to make informed choices.  If the people have gone through a system that provides high quality education then they shall be adequately informed to make the right choices.  Proponents of good democratic governance advocate educational reform that takes into account governance and to some extent, economic growth.

In recent times the status of the U.S. as a global economic leader has come under intense challenge with some arguing that other economies are doing better.  It is argued that economies of countries like Japan and China perform better.  This is attributed to the emphasis these countries place on science and technology in their education system.  Science and technology are essential subjects for development related undertakings – engineering to facilitate transport; information technology to drive communications and the shift towards globalization; medicine to ensure healthy populations; agriculture to feed the people and numerous other applications that have a direct impact on the economy.

If indeed reforms are to be effected such that the US education system will place more emphasis on the teaching of science and technology, it is important to note that teachers will be essential to this process as instructors and administrators of the curriculum.

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