SEO Copywriters are Your Best Marketing Tool

8 10 2010

Seo Copywriters

A good portion of an effective SEO campaign involves content. Good copy in the form of web content, articles, blogging and use of attention getting keywords, is absolutely essential to drawing the audience that translates into customers. Today’s internet user is a sophisticated, discerning and talented word crafter who combines keywords into content for searches that save the user time and effort in finding what they want.

The volume of information on the web has made it essential that searchers eliminate irrelevant material from the start. Assembling first rate copy, utilizing the most effective keywords and placing it in the places on the web where it will attract the vital links that build page rankings is what a professional SEO copywriter does to make websites work overtime to produce profits. It is challenging and essential work.

The internet has had an effect on written communications matched only by the accelerated growth of graphics and other media used on the web to attract and inform. The accessibility of word processing, publishing, editing and manual of style programs has opened up the gates and let everyone self publish. The volume is high, the veracity, accuracy and value are not distributed in equal amounts. Quantity does not translate to quality and today’s web user is a selective and demanding in what they will accredit with a link.

The SEO copywriter you hire must be a professional with all the tools at their disposal, no errors will be tolerated. The best SEO companies only engage and contract with the most experienced writers and editors because links depend on the quality of the article or blog, and links build rankings.

Placement of carefully selected keywords is part of this process, constant research and review of what relative keywords should be placed within copy is ongoing and persistent. This is no haphazard enterprise. Internet users expect fresh, relevant and worthwhile content, otherwise they move on from the website with little chance of return, rankings decline and your internet investment becomes a loss. Knowing what draws traffic, holds their attention and increases an audience of potential customers is one of the tasks an SEO copywriter faces daily.

Measuring the frequency at which new content needs to be added, responding to blogging comments and exploring new worlds of opinion in blogosphere are never ending but intellectually engaging missions. The knowledge is genuinely transferable to making SEO such an amazing marketing tool, the web grows daily along with the opportunities to create markets.

The content on most websites is neither Dante nor Shakespeare, and on some sites it is barely English. It is a simple task to discern which sites utilized a professional SEO copywriter and which sites didn’t. Website owners who are savvy in the global marketplace realize how important engaging, enticing web content that is grammatically correct and flows well is to their success. They know that their site provides the opportunity to discuss topics, explore ideas and offer solutions to issues and problems for current and future customers. This opens up a sphere of influence that can include marketing of products and services as well.

On the web, you are known by the links you attract. Knowing the audience you want to attract, the type of traffic that will draw customers to the site, and what ideas, data and information and in what format it should be in are issues that need to be considered in the marketing strategy. Quality SEO companies offer consultation to work these issues out and being proactive is very important. New information sources, new chat lines, blogs and social media are added to the web constantly and knowing where influences and executives get their information can make the sale-no sale difference.

About the author:

Melissa Parken is a senior editor and SEO copywriter at Precise Authoring Services, based in Brevard County, Florida. Many of her articles and e-books are currently in global syndication across the worldwide web.

Writing the Article is Only the Beginning

8 09 2010

Authoring eloquent copy can be an arduous task for someone who is not a professional writer. Just selecting the topic, formulating your approach and creating the enticing verbiage that will attract readers is beyond the ability of many people, even those with above average intelligence. Writers are a special breed; authoring text is their passion. Expert SEO copywriters can easily take targeted keywords and formulate an informative and interesting article around them that will engage the reader.

Having a superlative article written is only half the battle if you are looking to increase your website’s visibility. It’s what you do with that article that can make the difference in the amount of traffic flowing through your web pages. If you engage a professional writing service to create the copy for you, and then just let it sit on your hard drive, you are forfeiting the online advantages that article can generate. Submitting that same article to an online article directory, as a blog post or in a syndicated RSS feed can help promote your presence on the worldwide web.

Most small business enterprises do not employ professional writers on staff and often do not have an internet marketing team. This does not mean that they are unable to apply the advantages of article marketing to increase their website’s visibility and expand customer prospects via their online pages. Online article marketing is typically much less expensive than print advertising, so for a small business, the ROI can be exemplary. Here are some simple guidelines to ensure you gain a maximum return on every online article project:

  1. Ensure the article submission service you engage will supply you with a detailed list of every submission made.
  2. Most article submission services hire freelance authors for their article writing projects. Verify with the submission service selected that they only engage expert US/UK copywriters. This is the best way to ensure your articles will be 100% original copy that contains grammatically correct English.
  3. Actually take the time to go to the URL’s where your articles are posted. Click through some of the links to ensure they bring the reader to your website.
  4. Find out if the submission service performs manual article submission. Manual submission services are superlative for helping to build your website’s popularity in an organic manner.

The most important factor is to ensure that the manual article submission service you select maintains open, honest communications with their clients. Request a list of references and then verify them.

Beware of Freelance Writing Imposters

7 09 2010

Many small business enterprise will hire freelance writers for their website content and to compose articles for directory submissions or press releases for syndication. Although most entrepreneurs excel in their own industry, with a high level of expertise regarding their own products or services, they often are swindled by unscrupulous individuals claiming to be professional SEO copywriters. After contracting with a writer, and frequently tendering a monetary deposit on a project, they are amazed to receive what amounts to childish compositions that are grammatically incorrect, contain misspellings and punctuation errors.

If the contracted project was for content on your business website, this cacophony of illiterate verbiage is not going to win you new clients or sell your products. In fact, visitors to your site may view the abhorred text contained therein as a reason to defer to one of your online competitors.

There are some simple strategies to employ to ensure the freelance authors you engage are actual competent writers by profession.

Verify references – most professional freelance writers are willing to supply you with a list of their business clients. Contact each reference and elicit information about quality of their work, pricing and delivery schedules.

Request to view their blog posts – many, if not most of today’s most sought after freelancers maintain one or more blogs. Ensure you visit the blog of your potential writer.

Inquire about their academic background – most business owners want eloquently composed English copy for their websites that entices readers to purchase their products or contract for their services. For grammatically correct, fluent English copy that reads and flows well, you need to engage a US/UK writer. The label of US/UK writer infers that English is their first language and that they were raised and educated in the US or UK academic systems. This is not to say those foreign born individuals or those who have learned English as a second language, are unable to attain a command of the English language. However, many of them never achieve that level of literacy.

Visit the writer’s website – many US and UK writers and authoring services maintain websites to promote their services. Request the URL from the potential writer or service and spend some time navigating their site. Many offer writing samples, client testimonials and references posted for public viewing.

Request writing samples – aside from various postings on the web, have the prospective writer submit several samples in Ms Word format of previous copy for a genre similar to your project. If you are contracting for articles, request article samples; if contracting for web page content, request website copy samples.

 Start with a small test project – If you need content for an entire website or a bundle of 50 articles, initially contract for a smaller project. Negotiate with the writer or authoring service to purchase a single page or 500 words of home page content or for a single article. If satisfied with the submission and turnaround time, then execute a contract for the larger project.

 If you utilize these screening methodologies, you will dramatically increase your chances of procuring a true professional US/UK freelance writer for your next project. Revenue generation is the major purpose of your company’s website, so it is imperative that the copy posted there is factual, well-written and grammatically correct. Taking the time to vigilantly review a prospective author’s CV can save you time and resources in the long run.

Freelance Writers Make Every Word Count

3 07 2010
Professional SEO Content Writers

SEO Content Writing

The major difference between professional freelance writers and those who just post anything on the web is in the level of eloquence, the optimization achieved and the correct grammar used.  It is deplorable to find so many websites on the internet today with grammatical errors, terrible flow and filled with “fluff” or meaningless garbage. If you are relying on your website to gain additional clients or to increase your annual revenues, then having content that is substandard will not help you achieve these goals.

Your website content should meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Be enticing to read and promote continued viewing
  • Contain valuable information that is factual, timely and well researched
  • Be grammatically correct
  • Be 100% original copy, free from plagiarism
  • Be optimized using accepted SEO practices

If your current website content falls short when reviewing the above list, then it is probably a great time for you to consider engaging a professional writing service. For enticing web page content that is optimized for search engine ranking, turn to the experts. Precise Authoring Services employs professional US/UK writers who command the English language and specialize in  SEO web content, articles, e-books and more. Our seasoned writers can create web page content that does more than engage and entice visitors to your site. They are able to employ ethical SEO techniques to optimize your content and help improve your ranking in search engine results. PAS writers make every word posted on your website count in the competition to gain traffic, expand your client base and help generate revenue for your business.

Reforming the U.S. Educational System for Social and Economic Growth

3 07 2010

The reforms in the U.S educational system have been instrumental in its evolution into a system relevant to the country’s needs.  An example is the shift from a Bible based curriculum to a broader one embracing the diversity of the American people.

Examples of reforms implemented to limit mediocrity and promote excellence abound in the US educational system.  The common thread weaving them together is the need to address certain shortcomings in society.  Poverty and inequalities based on gender and class or race were the main ills afflicting American society and student populations.

Educational reforms aim to create a level playing ground for all by providing quality education to all regardless of socio-economic standing, gender or class.  The civil rights movement saw major reforms taking place in the U.S education system. Legislation was put in place to address segregation and to pave the way for equal educational opportunities for all.  When fully implemented this ensured that all had a chance at rewarding careers that would in turn grow the economy.

The emphasis on good governance is another factor pushing educational reform in the U.S.  Good governance depends on the ability of the people to make informed choices.  If the people have gone through a system that provides high quality education then they shall be adequately informed to make the right choices.  Proponents of good democratic governance advocate educational reform that takes into account governance and to some extent, economic growth.

In recent times the status of the U.S. as a global economic leader has come under intense challenge with some arguing that other economies are doing better.  It is argued that economies of countries like Japan and China perform better.  This is attributed to the emphasis these countries place on science and technology in their education system.  Science and technology are essential subjects for development related undertakings – engineering to facilitate transport; information technology to drive communications and the shift towards globalization; medicine to ensure healthy populations; agriculture to feed the people and numerous other applications that have a direct impact on the economy.

If indeed reforms are to be effected such that the US education system will place more emphasis on the teaching of science and technology, it is important to note that teachers will be essential to this process as instructors and administrators of the curriculum.

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